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5 everyday methods to become more creative

5 everyday methods to become more creative

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As you may know, the right hemisphere of your brain stands for creativity, intuition and emotions. And some people are true creativity geniuses and some are not. But don’t worry, with the following 5 methods, everyone can improve his or her creativity skills on each day. Just keep the tips in mind and you will see.

Keep a Notebook and Pencil on hand at all times.

You`ll never know when the ideas get into your mind, so have always a pen ready and write your thoughts in your notebook. Who knows: It may be helpful someday.

Ask questions

Great minds are those that have asked the greatest questions. You’re asking why? Because questions are the root of all knowledge and creativity. By continually asking questions about the world around us, we fuel our creative fire.

Move your body

Instead of keep sitting, stand up and go for a walk. Try to consider your creative problem from different locations. The physical movement will have a positive affect on your way of thinking.

Seek out for new experiences

Your brain is like a garden. Without the right care, the weeds will take over. So, learn a new skill to plant something new for your garden and clean it up. What about a new language? Or an instrument? Or maybe a new recipe? Everything new will help your brain working outside of its regular patterns.

Don’t be afraid to criticize yourself.

Actually, be harder on yourself than everyone else is. Always ask yourself, “How could I have done this better?” or “What would I have done differently?”. Accept that you are not perfect, and that you’re doing your best as good as possible.

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