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Chess as a mental training

Chess as a mental training

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Practically everyone who plays chess knows how much mental effort is behind it. Every move must be thoughtful, there is no space for luck.

The research of studies came to the conclusion, that chess has a significant impact to the human mind. Similar to Sudoku it improves intelligence and cognitive ability.

Besides the mental training playing chess means a lot of fun and helps you to calm down if you are stressed. A convenient game for everybody, especially young people.

So make the next move and…. CHECKMATE!

Give it a try – Learning chess is quite easy

Check out this video to learn the basics. It’s easier than you think:

Play online

Here are some good websites and apps to play chess for free:



Schach (Chess Free)
Price: Free
Chess Free
Developer: Optime Software
Price: Free
Developer: Mastersoft Ltd
Price: Free
Schach - Spielen & Lernen
Price: Free+

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